Internet Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt works much like a traditional scavenger hunt, except you must search the Internet to find the answers. If you are unfamiliar with the Internet of the major search engines, see the Basic Internet Guide for help. Once you have located the answer, list the URL (Uniform Resource Locator - the "Internet Address") where you found the information.

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Question 1:
I like to watch CNN for news each morning. In fact, I think I was supposed to report on a political article for Current Events class. Where might I find CNN Political News on the WWW?

Question 2:
I like many different kinds of music. Where can I find lists of online music sites?

Question 3:
It's always been my opinion that duct tape could fix anything. I wonder if others agree? Where might I look on the WWW to see what others think about duct tape?

Question 4:
I'm so excited about basketball! I'd really like to see what opportunities exist for women in basketball. Where should I look?

Question 5:
Mom says it's my turn to cook dinner tonight. I want to make something "new and different." I've always been a fan of Julia Child (I love her voice!). Maybe I could find some of her recipes and hints on the Net. Ideas?

Question 6:
I love ceramics. In fact, I've taken two classes and am enrolled again this semester. Someone mentioned that there was a ceramics "exhibit" on the Net. I'd love to see it. Can you help me find it?

Question 7:
I guess it's time we get back to business. In fact, I love business, so I think I will get a college degree in it. Before I decide where to attend school, I want a list of business schools. Where might I look on the Net?

Question 8:
Maybe I've had enough school for awhile. What about starting my own business? Okay, I realize I don't have any money, but I know there are people out there called venture capitalists who are willing to lend money for good ideas. Where can I come up with a list of these people?

Question 9:
All this searching is hard work. I think I need a break. I really love to play games. Where would I find games on the Internet?

Question 10:
While I'm at it, I'm in the mood for a few good jokes. Any ideas where I might look?

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